A reality check for your future retirement: Part II


Building a realistic picture of retirement

One of the keys to engaging with your future may lie in the details. According to Tom Curti, managing member at Wealth Dimensions, “We guide clients through an in-depth assessment as part of our planning process that not only includes their financials, but actually starts with clarifying their vision of the future. It compels clients to create a clear, detailed picture that identifies the where, when and how of their retirement lifestyle.” Wealth Dimensions’ process also incorporates evaluating various scenarios and discussing alternatives to ensure that an effective and flexible plan results. This plan then becomes the framework, helping clients make smarter decisions that fully optimize opportunities and enable them to reach their long-term vision.

Our success comes from the client feedback we receive. Wealth Dimensions has found that this type of process provides their clients with a link to their future state and puts them in control of how to get there. “Clients are often surprised at their new level of insight into how their current decisions will impact their lifestyle choices in the future,” according to Doug Loftus, managing member at Wealth Dimensions. “Our biggest reward is seeing the long-term plans we helped clients build become reality due to their commitment and an ability to envision the larger picture. Often clients are surprised at the opportunities they were missing before having the plan in place.”

What steps can you take to build a better future?

Wealth Dimensions recommends starting with the following strategies:

  1. Develop long-term goals that are specific. The details are important for determining what you’ll need to save to achieve your goals. Answer questions about your future as though it is happening within the next year. Where will I live? What will I be doing?
  2. Do your research to confirm details. Once you determine what you want, it’s time to look into options, costs and choices. Even though this is in your future, research is good preparation that can help link you to this future reality.
  3. Link your goals to a written financial plan. Run the numbers to ensure your goals are attainable, and you are able to reach them within your given timeframe.
  4. Commit to making choices that align with your plan. Your actions and decisions now will influence your future lifestyle. Carefully selecting your options now will pay off in 20 years when you are ready to realize your goals.

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