Personal financial manager: Stay in control of your financial future


As life gets more complex, tracking various aspects of your financial life and getting a clear picture of where you stand can prove challenging. This may be why only about 10 percent of boomers are highly engaged in their financial lives (2012 Aite Group report). Wouldn’t it be great to consolidate all of your finances into one place? You could go there to understand exactly what you have and the impact it has on your future. You could get a complete account of your bottom line at any time.

Wealth Dimensions offers a solution by leveraging the latest Personal Financial Manager (PFM) technology and combining it with their customized financial planning services to change the way their clients plan for the future. “We’re launching this integrated system to give clients an accurate view of their ongoing financial situation and provide access to details that will help them support their lifestyle over the long term,” according to Doug Loftus, a Managing Member at Wealth Dimensions. “This system puts information at the clients’ fingertips so they can make smart decisions that positively impact their future.”

Tap into the potential

Our PFM system is equipped with a powerful dashboard that consolidates everything a client owns and owes into one complete picture, updated in real time. The system captures an ongoing snapshot of a client’s assets, liabilities and cash flow, plus it tracks that against the financial plan and agreed upon goals. With immediate feedback on the impact of their financial choices, clients gain more control over how they live their lives and have information that they can use when they need it. This also enables clients to feel more confident in the decisions they need to make on a daily basis.

While embracing technology, we still view it as only one component within the financial planning process. “Technology is a powerful tool when used correctly,” according to Tom Curti, Managing Member at Wealth Dimensions. “It doesn’t replace the need for a comprehensive financial planning process, but enhances the relationship and offers the ability to see the progress being made toward established goals.” While it doesn’t replace in person meetings, the system offers clients a more engaging and interactive approach to understanding their financial situation.

As clients use the system to stay apprised of their financial situation, it enables our advisors to focus on providing advice and guidance, rather than spending energy getting updates on financial data. It creates a more productive use of time that benefits the clients. The PFS system includes a digital vault for an easy and secure way to share and store important documents. It also provides an efficient way to notify clients when they are reaching milestones or when there are opportunities for savings, such as refinancing a mortgage. This improved communication and collaboration builds stronger relationships and enhances client trust.

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