My wife and I originally came to Wealth Dimensions because we had been using a local bank, a large local bank for almost 50 years. It just got to the point where it seemed like every time you walked in the door there was a bill for this, a bill for that and that we weren’t getting any personal help when we needed it. Both of us are non-financial type people. I’m really good at heating and air conditioning and I stink when it comes to finances. So I needed somebody to help us out.

I had a midlife change of circumstances that prompted me to make that change and I had to restructure my finances. I had to learn about my finances. It was really a time of uncertainty and fear for me and it was time for a fresh start.

I was with a large local bank for a number of years, and it’s a tough decision to change. I frankly got tired of the bureaucracy, the hassles just trying to get simple answer and not even to mention the turnover within a large organization. It was just, they kind of forgot who the client was.

The difference between our former banking company and Wealth Dimensions is the fact that everybody here is so friendly and you don’t feel like you’re a dummy when you’re in the room with people. They’re really good at making you feel comfortable and listening to your questions and answering your questions.

With the recent COVID, with everything that’s been going on with our country and finances of the company or the country, you’re always scared about what’s going to happen with your money. You always worry about what’s going to happen. You worry that you’re going in the right direction and the biggest thing about Wealth Dimensions is they take that worry off of you. They’re always watching. They’re always looking at your finances. They’re always calling me with questions. Hey, this is going well. I even get calls just to say, “Hey, it’s your birthday. How are you doing today?” Things like that, it’s that personal in an organization. And to me, you can’t buy that. That’s amazing.

I felt really supported by Dan and the team behind him and I also found them to be very responsive. I needed that as I was going through these changes. I felt really supported and that feeling really continues now and it’s been several years. If I don’t contact Dan, Dan contacts me and says, “How are you doing? Got any questions?” Just really feels like he’s taking care of me and my family.

What is important to me in working with a financial advisor is I get to know if not everybody, most people, in the organization. Because everyone serves, in my opinion, a role. I know the It person at Wealth Dimensions. I know the equity owners at Wealth Dimensions. I know the investment side of the business.

That is important to me, because I want to feel part of the process. I want to be part of the process and knowing the players enables them to understand my personality and needs, which are I’m guessing unique. That is something Wealth Dimensions not only does, but seems to thrive on. Different personalities, different goals, different needs.

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