Meet Isla Vogelpohl, Client Ambassador at Wealth Dimensions Group.

Our leadership team at Wealth Dimensions cares deeply for all our clients, which has led them to hire somebody like Isla. So, what does Client Ambassador mean? Well, it’s just another dedicated person for them to reach out to for all their engagement needs.

Isla also gets to plan special client appreciation events, coordinate educational opportunities for our client’s children, maybe grandchildren. Every day is different, and that’s what’s exciting.

Outside Traditional Dollars and Cents

And in her unique role, Isla gets to see a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on between client meetings. It’s rewarding to see that advisors go outside traditional dollars and cents financial planning. In the current market that we can all agree is very unusual, Isla sees our advisors look under rocks to find opportunities that other advisors might either miss or not even look for. For example, helping them with prescription drug spending. It’s amazing how the monthly cost of medication can add up.

One Step Further

As Client Ambassador, Isla gets to see our advisors help our clients save them real money by just using something as simple as a prescription drug card at their normal pharmacy. Wealth Dimensions doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach. Each client is unique and therefore each day is a day they look for a unique way to serve them.

All good financial advisors are going to help connect their clients to top CPAs, tax attorneys, estate planning attorneys, but at Wealth Dimensions we go one step further to help connect our clients to the right real estate agents for their neighborhood. Where it makes sense, Wealth Dimensions tries to help our clients in every facet of their lives; truly helping them simplify and streamline so that they can enjoy and make the most of their lives.

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